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These are the home pages of Oulun Uinti, where we gathered instruction and information for all of our members about our activities and events. The point of this page is to help you to understand our policies and to give practical advice.

Adress Pikkukankaantie 3 90130 Oulu

Office phone-times: Monday, Thursday and Friday 8.30-14.00 and Tuesday 12.00-18.00

Office 040 5323 813

The meaning of our work: Our Vision and our Mission

  • The meaning of our work is to provide a chance for people from different starting points to swim at the highest level and to cultivate swim-school, exercise and its health benefits with association activities if need be.
  • The goal of Oulun Uinti is to cultivate and grow ethically sustainable team activities by offering different age groups a variety of options to exercise in the association and support the sport in mainly the water-sport industry in accordance to the Tähtiseura policy. This grows the wellbeing and joy of life through exercise for all age groups.

Our Values

The basics of our values are built to promote the things, that help increase the physical and mental wellbeing of different age groups and to support the growth and development of children and teenagers. In Oulun Uinti it is important to have Joy and will, learning, friendship, parity, tolerance, and respecting other people.

Oulun Uinti is:

  • A top-sports team on the national level and in international pools
  • A quality teacher from the basics of swimming to adult technique courses
  • A team, where it is fun to swim with other similar people
  • A lot of happy activities together, taking individuality and independence in to account


The EasySwim-swimschool is the basic swimschool of Oulun Uinti. Children practise in the multi-purpose and teaching-pool for 45 minutes once a week, the suggested age for the multi-purpose pool groups is 3-5 years and the teaching-pool groups suggested age is 5-7 years. For children EasySwim opens the possibility of amazing swimming experiences. The cornerstones of these swimming lessons are always fun and safety. Behind it all is a unique teaching method combined with innovative tools. The comfortable high-quality float-suit which is used in swim-school, allows for safe and natural movement in water.


The Kiiturit get to know a multitude of different swimming styles, and are skilled water beasts. The suggested age is 6-9 years old. The Kiiturit practise once a week at the health pool for an hour.

They already know how to do somersaults, stand on their hands and are brave and skilled in water. Kiituri groups practise to be fast water beasts. They revise basic swimming techniques and practise different swimming styles and techniques. They sometimes go on adventure to the Wibit-obstacle course and try diving and water polo along with synchronized swimming. In the trial, the child must be able to swim 25 metres, do somersaults, glide through the water and float.



The sekaristit learn to swim the 100 metre individual medley! The Sekaristit learn swimming techniques with the goal of swimming 100 metre individual medley at the end of the season, the suggested age is 8-10 years old. The teams practise  swimming 2 times a week for 60minutes in the 25 metre pool.

Apart from swimming technique they also have fun at practise. They also sometimes go on adventures to the Wibit-obstacle course and try diving, water polo and synchronized swimming. They also have dryland practise alongside their regular practise.


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